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As the founder and artist of my own mural and custom art business, I take pride in the art and murals I create and pay great attention to each brushstroke; from the initial design to the final details. I specialize in commercial as well as residential murals and artwork and can paint in a wide variety of styles and scenes. 

My versatility and desire for creative challenge along with the ability to collaborate well with clients have been invaluable skills for me as a professional artist.  I work closely with you to define exactly what you want, even if you have only a vague idea of the finished product. 

I can paint from ideas and designs you already have or we can work together to create new ones. Great attention and care is given to each project in order to ensure that the final work communicates and fulfills the client’s specific objectives.  No job is too big or too small, and I don't mind traveling!  I truly love my job. 

Please look at some of my work.  Unfortunately, a photograph cannot capture the true effect that a custom mural will have upon a space, but I hope these examples will spark your imagination.  Feel free to contact me any time for a free consultation.


Ramon V.


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