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First, I offer free, no commitment consultations. I'll meet you wherever is convenient for you, and begin by discussing what it is that you want to have done. This includes estimating the space for the artwork, and deciding what the art design and subject matter will be.  If are uncertain about you would like, we can brainstorm ideas together to determine what exactly it is that you want.

Any photos or samples you have to show may would be helpful, but are not required.  We will come up with ideas together, taking into consideration how the mural or artwork will blend with the existing styles and colors of the space. 

Research & Development

Once we determine an artistic direction, I begin research and development. Each project is unique!  In some cases I work directly from photographs or designs the client has provided, and in other projects I will create unique sketches or scale color studies.

Estimates and Cost

Each mural or art job is unique; therefore the cost of the mural is dependant up on the length of time it will take to complete.  If there is any doubt as to how long a mural or cust artwork may take to paint, I always give the client a range.  I guarantee that the cost will never exceed the range contracted for.  After you have approved the bid, I will provide a written contract and require a 30% deposit.   The remaining 70% of will be due at the time of completion.

Changes may incur additional costs, but please discuss any new ideas as they come up.  If the timing is right, changes may be easy to incorporate at no additional cost. 

Preparation for the Mural

If you have a date or time by which the job must be completed, please let me know when we are initially scheduling a time to begin.  The space I will be working in must be cleared of drapes and furniture.  I will need an area to set up my paints.  The wall surface should, optimally, be in a good condition before starting. If the wall needs repair or removal of wall paper I can certainly do that for a small additional cost.  Please plan on the space being out of use for the duration of the job.





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